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Who Is Joe Skillen?

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The Man With A Vision

Introducing Joe Skillen, a true adventurer who lived life to the fullest. Born and raised on a 40-acre farm in Chilliwack, BC, Joe learned the value of hard work and embraced a good day's labor. He witnessed the devastating 1935 Sumas Flood and, years later, the catastrophic 1948 Harrison Lake flood caused by unprecedented winter snowfalls.

In an incredible display of bravery, Joe embarked on a grueling 38-hour hike up Mt. William Knight in search of the missing Canadian Pacific Airways plane "Lockheed" Lodestar". His heroic efforts were recognized by local newspapers as he not only found the wreckage but also assisted search teams in locating it.

Joe's quest for adventure took him further as he participated in another daring rescue mission to locate a Liberator plane crash on Mt. Welch in 1945. Alongside his thrilling adventures, Joe worked diligently as a welder at the Vancouver shipyards during these years.

In 1956, Joe joined fellow hikers on an expedition to Mount Slesse where they uncovered the remains of Canadaair DC4-M2 Aircraft that crashed while en route from Calgary to Vancouver on December 9th. This fearless explorer demonstrated unwavering courage throughout his remarkable journey.

Transitioning into logging at Ten Mile Bay for Eagle Creek Logging Company alongside other passionate loggers proved to be some of Joe's most fulfilling years. Eventually becoming foreman at the logging camp, he became a respected figure within the industry. When one chapter closed with camp closure, Joe continued his logging endeavors at Jones Lake before establishing his renowned company "Joe Skillen's Tree Topping," now known as Skillin Tree Services – an enterprise that has received numerous accolades over time.

Even into his late eighties, this adventurous spirit showed no signs of slowing down as Logging and Tree Topping remained his first love throughout life's ups and downs; working tirelessly until his later years.

Joe Skillen's extraordinary life exemplifies the true essence of an adventurous spirit. No hashtags can truly capture the magnitude of his unwavering passion for exploration and hard work.

"Excellent pre-service in the coordination and consideration (BC Hydro, neighbours) prior to work. They notified me and followed through on schedule. They also removed and chipped anything that wasn't good for firewood and left the rest for me. Sam was excellent and helpful and provided great customer service. I would recommend Skill-In and use them again and again."

Raymond H

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